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best non-dairy milk for coffee

Which non-dairy milk is best for coffee?

With so many non-dairy milk options available these days, lactose intolerant coffee lovers can now enjoy a cup of latte with ease. But, which non-dairy alternative milk is the best for your coffee? Here, I explore the differences in terms of taste and texture in a coffee and explore their environmental impact too. I hope…

best condensed milk brand

Condensed Milk – which is the best brand?

Since my article on the best evaporated milk brands, weโ€™ve been getting questions asking for the best condensed milk brands. So, this round, we put some of the most common condensed milk products to the test. Take note that this was not a scientific experiment, everything written below is based on our opinion. Also, taste…

Renting an Espresso Machine in Singapore

How to Rent an Espresso Machine in Singapore?

Coffee is the go-to beverage for many Singaporeans in the morning, and having an espresso machine can be a convenient way to get your caffeine fix for the day. While most coffee lovers would enjoy a cup of good coffee in the morning, few would be interested in maintaining and cleaning an espresso machine. Did…