phin guide

Phin (Vietnamese Coffee Brewer) – A Brewer’s Guide

When you think of brewing coffee, the V60 and Aeropress frequently comes to mind.ย  However, before the V60 got its fame, the Vietnamese have already been enjoying their daily cuppa with an underrated coffee brewing tool – the Phin. The phinย aka the Vietnamese coffee brewer is a highly underrated coffee brewing tool. But despite its…


Best tonic water for espresso tonic

Since we haven’t had much events back in Aug 2020, its been just me and the espresso machines in the office. I won the stare off. Having declared my victory, I decided to put the machines to work – I pulled countless (okay, I lost count) espresso shots to find out the best tonic water…


How to care for your coffee sock

A coffee sock is a versatile coffee brewing tool you should have in your pantry. It can be used regardless of your coffee preference; specialty coffee or nanyang kopi. Cloth coffee filters like the coffee sock allow a good amount of coffee oils through without letting the microfines into your cup. Hence, you end up…