Fundamentals of caffeine and coffee

Caffeine: an in-depth study of our favorite drug

Caffeine is a key component in coffee… and possibly the reason why many of us started drinking coffee. Remember those canned coffee that was always within reach, and how they’d mysteriously increase in numbers closer to exam dates? If you drink coffee daily, you would consume at least 365 cups of coffee in the past…

CNY goodies and coffee pairing

Happy Chinese New Year

2 days to the Chinese New Year! Here’s an advanced greeting from Alliance Coffee. Have a prosperous and blissful year ahead! Snacking helps make the awkward questions from the relatives a tad more bearable. Before you head to your next gathering, check this out:   Having a mobile coffee cart at your gathering helps too…

wedding favors

Wedding Favors Idea – Coffee Favor Bags

Wedding Favors are gifts or token of appreciation given by the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. Many wedding package includes a range of wedding favors that you can choose from. These include the usual (boring) coasters, pens, chopsticks, cards, etc to the memorable handmade soaps,  jams, etc. Being one of the first things that…