Aeropress Brewing Guide

Aeropress: A Brewing Guide

The Aeropress – a versatile coffee brewing tool shaped like a giant syringe that never fails to pique the curiosity of coffee lovers. The way it works is beautifully simple. Load your coffee grounds, pour hot water, wait and press for coffee. Almost instant and the coffee produced is way more satisfying. Ever since its…


How to throw an awesome birthday party

Your special day is coming up and you want to spend it differently this year. You just want to share your special day with your friends, you just want to have fun with your friends, you just want to create precious memories for everyone at your party. You want to throw an awesome party where…


Why Hire a Coffee Caterer for Your Event?

Event organizers and individual companies are expected to pull off their events successfully and flawlessly. This means that, apart from having a great turnout, organizers must ensure that all aspects of the event – from logistical concerns (venue, food, sound, lights, entertainment) to the actual event flow – runs smoothly. With a tight budget and…


How to Organise a Housewarming Party

Usually done to celebrate the moving into a new home, a housewarming party gives the host(s) a chance to showcase their new home to their friends and loved ones. These days, it serves as an opportunity for friends and loved ones to gather and to bless the new homeowners. 7 steps to planning and organizing…