How To Cold Brew Coffee Without Complex Equipment

We get it!

Some mornings are tougher than others (yes, we looking at you, Mondays).

Cold Brew Coffee is a fuss free coffee brewing method, perfect for the slow mornings.

It’s also the perfect DIY solution for family gatherings or private parties.

And, its great for those lazy Sunday afternoon when you just want a cup of chilled coffee while you’re lazing relaxing at home.

Just make a large batch, stick it in the fridge, and serve when needed. #nofrills

This guide will bring you through a simple method to brewing your own cold brew coffee and cover some fundamentals. Just click the links below to jump straight to the section:

Let’s get started:

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

It’s exactly as its name states;

Coffee brewed cold (or at room temperature), over 12 hours or more.

Cold brew coffee is NOT just iced coffee!

Iced coffee usually refers to hot coffee with ice.

Taste them side by side and you will be astonished by the different flavors you can get in those two cups.

Cold brew coffee is characterised by lower acidity and a ‘thicker’ taste.

Goes with with or without milk too 🙂


The Simple Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Method

Cold brew coffee involves soaking coarse coffee grounds in room temperature or cold water for an extended period of 12 hours (or more)

Simply prepare your coffee the evening before so that you do not have to get up early to brew your fresh coffee in the morning.

There are many recipes available.

Here, we’ll share a Cold Brew Coffee Recipe that you can use without the need for complex or additional equipment.

Let’s start off with an overview of the 6 steps to brewing Cold Brew Coffee! (Click on the guide below for a larger image)

Cold Brew Coffee How To Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Recipe

Here’s a quick glance at the recipe for those who don’t want to scroll:

  1. Weigh 40g of coffee beans
  2. Grind the beans coarsely
  3. Soak the beans with water (room temperature) for 30 seconds in a bottle or a jug
  4. Top up water to 600ml
  5. Leave bottle/jug in the fridge for 18 – 20 hours
  6. Filter coffee to remove coffee grounds
  7. Serve (Add milk to taste)

Step 1: Weigh Your Coffee Beansweigh your coffee beans

For our recipe, we use 40 grams of coffee beans in 600ml of water.

Step 2: Grind Your Coffee Beans

Use a coarse grind for your Cold Brew coffee.

Coarse ground coffee contains larger coffee parts, almost like small broken pieces of pebbles that you see along the beaches of Singapore.

coarse grind-cold brew coffee

You’ll need a grinder to grind your coffee.

Here are several options and alternatives:

  1. Hand grinder (more economical)
  2. Electronic grinder (more expensive)
  3. Food Processor (only suitable for cold-brew coffee, just blitz the coffee slightly and make sure the coffee grounds are still ‘chunky’)
  4. Mortar and Stone, or just a Hammer (just place the coffee beans in a bag and smash them – *warning*: grind sizes will be very inconsistent)

We’d recommend a hand grinder for greater consistency of the grind size.

Plus, it’ll come in handy when you are in the mood to explore other coffee brewing methods.

However, the hammer method does provide a great workout. As promised, no complex equipment required ^^

p.s. if you need a hand grinder, consider our ‘YAMI Hand Grinder’. It is a simple and down-to-earth hand / manual grinder with no additional crazy or complex features or functions. 

Where to store your coffee

All you’d need is a container that is;

  1. large enough to hold your coffee
  2. and, has an opening can be covered

Some suggestions include:

  • mason jars
  • water jugs
  • french press
  • etc.

If you don’t have any of the items above, fret not.

To show that you can brew coffee fuss-free…

We grabbed a 600ml Ice Mountain water bottle and transferred the ground coffee beans into it.

cold brew coffee equipment

You might need to be careful during the transfer. Or, you could use a funnel.

Step 3: Wet and Release (Bloom)

Add room temperature water to the ground coffee.

Just sufficient to submerge the coffee grounds:

cold brew- bloom coffee

Wait for 30 seconds and let the grounds bloom.

Stir the bloom either by using a chopstick, or just swirl the bottle.

Refer to ‘The Ultimate Coffee Brewing Guide‘ to find out why we ‘bloom’ coffee.

Step 4: Extraction

Fill up the bottle (with water) and seal it to prevent any leakage.

Mix the coffee grounds by shaking or rotating the bottle around several times.

cold brew coffee extraction

With fresh beans, just place the bottle in the refrigerator for about 18 hours.

We have found that extraction for 20 hours resulted in over extraction and a bitter cup of coffee.

18 hours works well for this coffee (blend of Guatemala and Brazil)

Ideally, you should be using single origin beans.

However, this method is robust enough to bring out nice flavors with a blend.

Step 5: Clear the Coffee Grounds

Remove the coffee grounds before serving.

Again, there are several options and alternatives. You can use

  • paper filters (get some from Daiso)
  • French Press
  • Coffee Sock
  • Cloth (clean one please!)
  • or just decant the coffee gently into a cup

Step 6: Serve

Serve your Cold Brew Coffee!

Cold brew coffee can be served black, with milk or sugarsyrup, depending on your preference.

Cold Brew Coffee

source: Wikipedia

You don’t have to drink it all at once.

In fact, the best advantage of making cold brew coffee is that you can prepare it in larger batches.

Store the remaining Cold Brew Coffee in a separate bottle for up to a week in your refrigerator!

Now you can have ice chilled coffee anytime you wish to 😀