Traditional Kopi Powder

There’s definitely no replacement for the familiar voice of our favourite kopi auntie or the judgmental stare from that kopi uncle when we ask for a kopi siew siew dai.

But…you can now customise your favorite kopi drink at the comfort of your home.

(Please note that there will be a delivery charge of $5 for orders under $30)

Kopi Brewing Starter Kit (Fam Pack)

Perfect for the family.
Makes about 72 cups.
Includes: 6 x Kopi Powder (100g) + 2 coffee socks

Price: $35
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Kopi Brewing Starter Kit

Kopi Brewing Kit (with Phin)

Perfect for the kopi lover. Great as a gift too.
Makes about 24 cups.
Includes: 2 x Kopi Powder (100g) + 1 coffee brewer (phin)

Price: $22
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Kopi Powder [Bundle of 2]

Makes 8 to 12 cups per bag, depending on strength.

Price: $10

Kopi Powder [Bundle of 10]

Kopi Powder are packaged in 100g resealable bags

Price: $43

Keto Friendly Kopi

Dry roasted kopi powder, no sugar or fillers..

Price: $12

Kopi Drip Bags (Pack of 10)

Kopi Drip Bags for kopi lovers who value convenience.

Price: $10

Kopi Brewing Accessories

Coffee Sock

Cloth coffee sock with handle. Washable and reusable. Do dry out your coffee sock after every use.

Price: $5

Vietnamese Coffee Filter (Phin)

100ml phin, perfect for making a single cup of strong kopi, or two kopi of weaker strength.
Stainless steel, easy to wash and reuse.
Features a 3 layer filter system to reduce kopi residue in final cup.

Price: $17


What is your minimum order?

There is no minimum order. However, there will be a delivery charge of $5 for orders below $30.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there will be a delivery charge of $5. For orders of more than $30, the delivery charge will be waived*.
*Excludes delivery to Sentosa.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via PayNOW, Bank Transfer. COD is not available during the CB period.

Do I need to create an account to order?

No. However, you’ll be required to provide payment and delivery information during checkout. None of your personal information will be retained after the delivery is completed.

When will I receive my kopi? / What is your delivery schedule?

We are handling deliveries internally, please give us up to 3 working days to deliver your kopi. You should receive an update on your delivery within 24 hours after checkout. Please use the chatbox (bottom left corner) or email us at [email protected] should you need any help.

What’s your refund or cancellation policy?

Cancellation will only be accepted before your kopi is dispatched. Credit card refunds will be processed via Paypal, you will receive full refund, minus any payment processing fees charged by Paypal.

How long can I keep the kopi?

Our kopi supplier practices packaging methods that retains the characteristics and character of the kopi. The kopi you receive will have a shelf life of at least 6 months. Your kopi will come in resealable bags.

How many cups can I brew?

Our kopi is packaged in 100g portions. Each portion makes between 8 to 12 cups per bag depending on your brew method and how strong you like your kopi.

How should I store the kopi powder?

Our kopi come in resealable bags. Keep your kopi powder in room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, delivery is currently limited to within Singapore only.

Do you offer kopi kits as gifts boxes?

Yes we do, check out our corporate gift or wedding favors options. Or, just contact us for more information.

How to brew kopi at home?

how to make kopi

If you’re wondering how you can brew kopi at home, we share 3 methods in our guide on How To Make Kopi at home.

P.S. If you’re planning for a party post Covid and would love to have some kopi, check out our traditional kopi mobile station.