Mobile Specialty Coffee Catering

Painstakingly farmed and harvested coffee beans.

Delicately roasted.

Freshly brewed by professional baristas.

All for you and your guests.

Alliance Coffee’s Specialty Coffee Experiences

Weddings, Corporate Events, and more, we offer range of mobile coffee catering packages that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we get a quotation?

Yes, you can request for a quotation (no obligations) via this form.


  • What’s included in your mobile coffee catering packages?

All packages include everything we need to brew coffee for your guests, such as:

  • Required Equipment – Coffee Grinder and Espresso Machine
  • Sufficient Manpower – Trained Baristas will be pulling coffee shots and serving your guests
  • Required Logistics – Coffee Beans, Milk, Cups, Lids, Sugar Sticks, Serviettes, Stirrers, etc
  • Coffee Cart – We are able to provide a coffee cart if tables are not provided


  • When and how long will your team need to set up?

We will require 1 hour to set up the coffee cart and 1 hour to tear down after the event.


  • What do you need to run your coffee cart?

We’ll need a power source / power point as well as access to water at the event location.