Alliance Coffee's Personalised Coffee Classes

Alliance Coffee’s Personalised Coffee Classes

For the coffee lovers and those who are simply curious about coffee. Now you can design a coffee class according to what you’d like to find out about coffee.


  Coffee Black

With specialty coffee and the third wave, coffee lovers are being introduced to the true diversity of flavors found in a cup of coffee.

We were brought up with coffee represented by the black liquid with a foul smell and a bitter taste. But coffee is so much more than that.

Coffee farmers have experimented and developed many strains of coffee, each with their own unique personality.

And these flavors are brought closer to you via the third wave coffeehouses and cafes.

But thats not all!

Coffee can be appreciated by everyone at anywhere. Even at the comfort of your house. And we teach you exactly how at our coffee classes.

Regardless of how you like your coffee, there is a suitable brewing method and coffee blend for your unique taste and need.

If you are (any of the following):

  • Wondering what the fuss is about with these ‘hippy’ cafes and the coffee they serve.
  • Curious about the possible flavors you can find in a cup of coffee.
  • Thinking about learning and experiencing something new with a bunch of friends
  • Interested in learning how to brew your own coffee at home.

Then simply click on the button below to indicate your interest! (No Obligations)

Click To Request For Your Coffee Class (No Obligations) Take Note:

  • These coffee classes are specially designed for small groups of participants – just 2 to 6 people.
  • Your class will usually only involve a trained barista who will guide you and your friends.
  • Content of your coffee class will be designed and modified to allow you and your friends to learn about the aspects of coffee that you are interested in.
  • If you are new and would like an introductory class, do indicate that in the form too.
    • An introductory class takes just 45 mins and costs just $20 per person.
  • These lessons will usually be held at our partner cafe. (Additional charges will apply if you request for a separate location – to cover the transport of our barista and delivery of the items required for the class)