Kopi Brewing Kit for 1


*limited quantity*

A no-frills way to enjoy a fragrant cup of kopi, anytime of the day.

What’s inside:

  • 2 x Kopi Powder (100g)
  • 20 coffee filter bags




Kopi Brewing Kit for 1

We like the coffee sock but love the coffee filter bag as a quick and consistent kopi brewing solution.

With minimal washing up required, this “Kopi Brewing Kit for 1” was designed for busy individuals who’d appreciate a fast, no-frills kopi brewing method to a good cup of kopi.


How to brew using the Coffee Filter Bag

  • Add 2 teaspoon of kopi powder into the filter bag
  • Steep for 5 minutes in hot water
  • Remove bag
  • Add condiments of choice
  • Serve and enjoy!

For detailed brewing instructions, seeΒ alliancecoffee.net/kopi

Also perfect for busy mornings

For those mornings when you have to rush out of house, just pop a bag into a thermos flash, fill it with hot water and drink up when you need the kopi boost.


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