kopi-sockMost of us grew up with Kopi…and were later introduced to Starbucks and specialty coffee via the 3rd wave cafes that have taken off in Singapore.

Brewed using dark roast robusta that is usually roasted with butter and finished off with sugar, the Kopi is a familiar drink to many Singaporeans. It continues to be the go-to perk me up for many, every morning.

As we deepen our knowledge about the vast universe of coffee, we grow to respect the robusta growers and roasters.

Yes, it is deemed as a ‘poorer’ or ‘lower’ grade of coffee.

But it reminds us of our childhood, and also of the ability of our forefathers to make the best of the resources available to them.

Usually brewed in large batches and served to the masses, humble robusta has served and caffeinated many generations before us.

And it has allowed us to understand the possibilities a coffee bean can produce.

Many in Singapore have grown up with the smell of Kopi where family and even friends gather to talk and bond with each other.


Alliance Coffee’s Kopi Mobile Cart

We partner with local robusta roasters to bring you the Kopi (and Teh) mobile pop ups.

Traditional Coffee will be brewed and serve to your guests by our baristas, live.

Add a local flavor to your event.

Stand proud and let your guests learn more about our local coffee heritage.

Our menu includes both Kopi and Teh, depending on your requirements.

Guests will be able to order Kopi O, Kopi, Kopi C, Teh O, Teh, Teh C and much more. *Final Menu will depend on your requirements.

Talk to us to learn more about our Traditional Coffee pop ups and how you can personalise it to suit your guests and event needs.


Serving traditional coffee to hundreds of happy people at a local event